Laura Jansen.

Hello my little angels! Thanks for coming by today and reading my newest blog post. Well I am here to bring you some information about the “New Artist” tab that should be appearing pretty soon! Alright my first new artist member is Ms.Laura JansenĀ  and I found her on youtube. Her latest debut album has a popular cover as one of her tracks and she covered Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. I will but a link below and you should check her out, if you like her you should probably show your love and support by buying the debut album in stores now its titled Bells by Laura Jansen.

Alrighty thanks for stopping by!

Here is the link:


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Howdy everybody!

Well this is my first time using wordpress so I am 100% new here!

Anyways just so you know I will try my best to update you on what goes on in my life on a daily basis. If I don’t post…then I am probably really busy with school or something else must be in the way of my schedule…who knows! Anyways thanks so much for stopping by!


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